The Gully Podcast


The Gully Podcast


Why "The Gully?"

The local newspaper of my tribe, the Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin, is called the "Kalihwisaks," which means, "She brings the news." 

Which is pronounced gull-eh-wee-socks

My family tends to shorten it to "The Kali," or, as pronounced, "The Gully."


The Gully has one goal: to eliminate Native American erasure. 

Outside of our tribal communities folks may not know or understand much about us. This leads to stereotyping and tokenization. This then leads to a loss of identity which can be fatal for our Native youth. Something needs to change. So we approach this podcast with the question of, "how might we help Natives and Others understand each other in a way that gives each of us a voice and a platform?"

This podcast is the culmination of a childhood spent listening to my aunts and grandmother tell stories, a degree in American Indian Studies, and innumerable Saturdays spent at the Library of Congress research rooms. Not to mention hours upon hours of recreational reading on planes, trains, and my couch. 

I cherish my culture's folklore and the stories of how humanity works in concert, and learns from, our natural world. I enjoy hearing the voices of my ancestors in the stories of our history - stories that are told from our perspective - and that teach us that there are many ways to remember. 

It is my hope that with The Gully I can do those stories justice. And I hope to share them with you in a responsible, thoughtful way so that they may continue to live on in our aural history.